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New users kramp.cc often interested in the question: where to find links to kraken mirrors and how to make sure that the mirror is not fake.

Official links to kramp

Kraken onion administration strongly recommends its visitors to bookmark or copy to a third-party file a link to the official website or to the viqxacb7wo6l3hfujw3agf3stcce6eenl4kovfza3rzri4gwyxg6auid.onion mirror in order to have unlimited access to the portal. Do not forget that the official links to kramp are updated once a month. And to keep track of current changes, visit our website – as soon as they are known, they will immediately appear here.

How to bypass fake mirror links

In the search results, you can often find links to the resources of scammers. And if the main address of the main kraken onion resource is difficult to confuse, then links to mirrors often have a lot of signs that are not realistic to remember. When you click on fake mirror links, you will be redirected to a site that reads data from your PC or mobile device, including passwords and bank card data. To get around scammers, you need to remember the rule – the kraken working mirror always ends with .onion . Our website always presents only the current working links 6xilgahajdsrtg6erfmtjgakhcpgv2d5mesm76qqqtc4rt7iuuhlojid.onion, which are safe to use.